"in my mind my dreams are real"

Intense feeling of being alone I mean even if I was with someone

I should write a letter to her and her family but no one would care

28 posts tonight and zero fucks

A sick thing is autocorrect makes us come off as more drunk than we really are

Drunk physically on alcohol

Drunk cybernetically on algorithms


Empty beer, empty inside

Fuck the bottle I do r need it to tell you this or feel this way


Bars suck this is why I drink alone in my room

"Fell on the floor and drank more"


(I don’t feel ok about myself)

Fuck you


Like last night I had this extremely vivid dream where I was in this modernist bookstore like at her knees begging her like LISTEN TO ME IM SORRY I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS AGAIN I LOVE YOU

This is fucking real shit fuck you for not giving a fuck

Losing a follower or 5 I’d worth it

Watching hot babes walk into this pub but happier that my friendsa are with me standing in the parking lot listening to the Smiths