"in my mind my dreams are real"

Today in music history - August 30, 1994 - Oasis’ debut LP “Definitely Maybe” is released. Happy 20th to one of my all time favorite albums.


i think i’ve finally figured out what i want my portfolio to be. i feel like i need a day or so to sit down and just bang it out. then to worry about the “website” …

so yeah that’s what I’ll be doing Sunday/Monday save any unforseen bullshit.


what’s up?

So I have that little Gursky book, “Werke 80-08” and I’ve left it on my desk the last few days, occasionally paging through it… Couple things I’ve noticed, or things that have been reinforced in my mind really is that 1) Gursky really is the best because of the insane attention to detail, and that’s something we can all really learn from, 2) his photos retain just as much power at a very small scale, and in practically making them little vignettes of themselves they become totally different (like one of his Avenue of the Americas photos - I’ve seen it printed at probably 10 feet wide? And I had an incredible emotional reaction to that. At 10 inches, I gloss over it. Conversely stuff I’ve seen big looks better small… It’s weird but a good reminder that photography is about scale and we shouldn’t be afraid to experiment blah blah blah), and 3) the photos are very sensual and evocative - I think the thing that people, or naive fuckheads like me, find appealing in Gursky’s photos are the overall deadpan-ness and how removed they are because of perspective… But the more I look at them, like I said, there’s nothing deadpan about them. I’m not sure “deadpan” is really even a thing, and I’m more than ok with that (so long as the rejection of a clinical aesthetic - photography is a science, after all, measured by certain objective criteria - does not lead to necessarily something obscene like “Lomography” or whatever.

These are fairly incomplete thoughts… just casual observations. FWIW I suppose.

the only reason i’m remotely interested in any form of relationship is someone that i can drunk call and read the Scarlet Letter to and send really shitty text message poems at 7am.

it’s amazing how people can take selfies that feel more aesthetically coherent and RELEVANT than your entire body of work from the last like, ten years.

fuck donald tRUmp.

fuck donald tRUmp.